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Overfull Buses

If an NCW commuter bus overfills and in turn leaves customers at a stop the customer may do one of two things:

No customer is to take up more than one seat. If this occurs, the customer must pay full fare for each seat used.

Cell Phone Policy

In consideration of your fellow passengers, and proper rules of etiquette, cell phone usage is to be kept to a minimum. It is recommended that your cell phone be set to vibrate when a call is received. We understand that emergencies do arise and understand that customers will take those calls; however, it is prohibited to take a cell phone call in the first three rows for safety reasons. We will greatly appreciate it if everyone will start adhering to our Cell Phone Policy.

The following suggestion may help you relay our policy without unnecessarily upsetting our customers. Most people know the policy but if you feel the need to make an announcement try to use something along these lines:

Martz has a cell phone policy; please turn your cell phones to vibrate while on the bus. If it is necessary to make or receive a call be considerate of your fellow riders and talk low and keep the call as short as possible. THANK YOU for your understanding.

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